Carpet and Rug Care in Sacramento CA

Carpets and rugs tend to lose their luster and appearance after a period of time. Regardless of how careful you are, it is next to impossible to prevent foot traffic on carpets and rugs. Not to mention, there is a constant risk of accidents, for instance you might spill something, your kid walks on your oriental rug with muddy feet, or your pet decides to relieve itself, leaving a stain and an odor. While professional carpet and rug cleaning can take care of the problem, you should keep a few basic cleaning tips in mind so you can minimize the damage.

carpet and rug tips in sacramento ca

Carpet and Rug Care Tips in Sacramento

This will not only enhance the life of your carpets and rugs but also ensure its value is preserved, particularly if you have purchased an expensive piece for adorning your home or office floor. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at a few basic carpet and rug care tips:

  • First, You have to vacuum your carpet and/or rug on a regular basis. Of course, some types of carpets and rugs requires more intensive cleaning but gentle vacuuming from time to time will keep your pieces in good condition.
  • For smaller rugs, you should take them out into the open and give them a good shake. This will remove the dust and debris lodged in its fibers. Carpets might be harder to carry so you should use a brush. Clean the carpet vigorously using a brush, as it will not only remove the contaminants on the surface but also get rid of pet and human hair and dander as well.
  • In case of spills, you have to act right away. If a liquid, especially wine or oil, sets in, it could leave a stain, which is nearly impossible to remove completely. You should use a clean towel to wipe the area of the spill to remove the excess moisture and then sprinkle some salt and club soda on it.
  • Once it dries out, you can simply scrape off the salt and soda and the stain will come off. In case your carpet or rug is made from a unique material, you should be more careful about cleaning spills.
  • Next, Washing is always tricky when it comes to rugs and carpets. There are some materials which cannot be washed with cold water while there are some which cannot be washed at all. This is why you have to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Check the label before you get started with washing your rug or carpet. In case of confusion, you can get in touch with us at Sacramento Carpet Cleaners and we will guide you accordingly. When drying off your rugs and carpets, make sure you don’t place them under direct sunlight, or their color will fade.
  • Finally, but not the least, you can place a protector on your carpets and rugs to minimize the risk of damage. This way, you won’t have to be concerned about the condition of your rugs and carpets and cleaning them once in a while will suffice.

Follow these basic care tips for keeping your carpets and rugs in top condition. In case you are unable to deal with the problem at hand, call Sacramento CA Carpet Cleaners and we will come in and clean your carpet/rug for you.