Sacramento Carpet Spot and Stain Removal Tips

There is no way to prevent accidents altogether, and with accidents come spills and stains. Even a small spot can ruin the look of your floor or carpet. If not cleaned right away, the spot could set in and become virtually impossible to remove. This is why it is important that you are familiar with a few basic spot removal tips. This way, you can act right away should a spot emerge on the floor or carpet. If you have children or pets at your home, it’s not a question of if accidents will happen, it’s when…

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How Do Sacramento Homeowners Remove Carpet Spots?

The worst culprits when it comes to spills which become stains are grape juice, red wine and mustard. If you spill any of these on the carpet, you have to clean it up right away. Sprinkle salt on the affected area and pour club soda. Once it dries out, just scrape it off and the spot will go away. In fact, if you spill any food item or beverage which has deep coloring, act right away or else you might have to throw the carpet away.

  • As mentioned above, you have to act quickly in case of a spot. What you might not know is that even the most resilient of carpet fibers can be stained if spills are not cleaned up right away. To put it simply, regardless of the type of spillage and the material your carpet is made from, cleaning it right away after a spill will improve the chances of no spot or stain.
  • The first step for cleaning a spot is using a cotton or paper towel, white, to blot the area where the spill occurred. Using a white towel is crucial as printed towels have color dyes in the fabric, which can then be transferred to the carpet, intensifying the spot. The best approach is to start blotting from the edge and then move inwards. Make sure the excess surface moisture is gone before you stop blotting.
  • Use plain water to rinse the spot. The water will remove most of the color and ease the job for you. In case you have spilled chocolate or wine on your carpet, you can create a solution by mixing a cup of warm water and 1/4th tbsp dishwashing liquid. Wash the spot with this solution and it will go away.
  • Most importantly, make sure you follow the instructions on the label when cleaning a stain or spot. You have to avoid using any materials which can damage the carpet. When using any cleaning product, apply it to one corner of the carpet to test its effects and then apply it on a wider area. You never know how a particular cleaning product would impact your carpet.

Despite your best efforts, there will be some stains which are impossible to take out. Moreover, in case you have missed a spill and it sets in, the spot will get deeper and be hard to clean. This is where you can call in the professional cleaning experts at Sacramento Carpet Cleaners to remove the spot perfectly.